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What is Acne Treatment?

Acne can occur for a wide range of reasons, such as clogged pores, excess sebum production, ingrown hair, or the activities of the harmful p.acnes bacteria. Since acne can occur for numerous reasons, we must identify and address the root cause of your acne breakouts rather than just the symptoms. We perform highly personalized acne treatment in Indianapolis that kills harmful bacteria, unclogs the pores, and improves overall skin texture. Your acne treatment options include chemical peels, facials, HydraFacial, microneedling, and laser treatments.

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Your Acne Treatment Options

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are products that exfoliate the uppermost layers of the skin to reveal smoother, softer, and more even-textured skin underneath. They contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and other products that remove the epidermis of the skin, unclog the pores, and improve overall skin texture and quality. Some chemical peels also kill the harmful p.acnes bacteria, thus minimizing the risk of future acne breakouts. We also provide chemical peels that facilitate collagen production to reverse acne scars.


Facials are relaxing, spa-like treatments wherein a series of cosmetic products are layered onto the skin. Depending on your unique goals and skin quality, our service providers may select the appropriate antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, and minerals. Facials exfoliate the uppermost layers of skin and dead skin cells, remove all the debris and oil residue from clogged pores, and improve overall skin texture. They also minimize the likelihood of future acne breakouts.


HydraFacial is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation techniques for acne breakouts and acne scar removal in Indianapolis. HydraFacial combines three of the most essential skin rejuvenation techniques — exfoliation, extraction, and infusion. The HydraFacial device uses specialized techniques to exfoliate the dead skin cells, extract oil residue and debris from the pores, and infuse the skin with moisturizers and essential cosmetic products. The goal is to minimize the likelihood of acne breakouts.


Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is one of the most effective skin rejuvenation treatments available. The microneedling device creates thousands of micro-punctures on the skin’s surface to activate the body’s internal healing processes, such as collagen production and skin cell regeneration. Over time, your body creates new skin cells and collagen fibers to fill out the acne scars and depressions, making your skin look smooth and even textured.

Laser Treatments

Laser skin resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure wherein laser energy is used to minimize acne breakouts and soften acne scars. The service provider calibrates the laser device according to your skin color and type, following which it’s channeled into your skin. The laser energy kills the unwanted p.acnes bacteria and stimulates collagen production deep within the skin. Over time, your body produces new collagen fibers to fill out the acne scars.

woman with clear skin after acne scar removal indianapolis

Acne Care at Skin Renew
Day Spa & Laser Center

Skin Renew Day Spa & Laser Center is a luxurious day spa and wellness center specializing in cutting-edge cosmetic treatments and aesthetic medicine services. Our service providers curate personalized treatments that address the root cause of your acne breakouts, ensuring safe and long-lasting results. We also offer acne treatment in Indianapolis to reduce the prominence of your acne scars. Please schedule an appointment to explore your acne treatment options in Indianapolis, IN.

Acne Treatment FAQs

What are the common causes of acne?

Acne is often triggered by excess sebum production, clogged pores, bacteria, hormonal fluctuations, and genetics. Generally speaking, acne occurs when the pores get clogged by dead skin cells, debris, and excess sebum, creating a suitable environment for the p.acnes bacteria to thrive, leading to inflammation and breakouts.

What role does diet play in acne development?

While diet may influence acne, its impact varies between individuals. High glycemic foods and dairy products may exacerbate acne for some individuals. A balanced diet and staying hydrated can support healthier skin, thus reducing the risk of acne breakouts.

Are there any side effects associated with acne treatments?

The side effects of acne treatments can include redness, dryness, peeling, and temporary sensitivity. These effects typically subside as the skin adjusts to the treatment. You must follow our aftercare guidelines to maintain optimal skin health and reduce side effects.

How long does it take to see results from acne treatment?

The results from acne treatments vary depending on the method used. Some treatments show immediate improvement, while others may take weeks to months. Consistency and patience are essential — the results gradually improve over multiple sessions.

How does acne scar removal treatment work?

Acne scar removal treatments like laser therapy, chemical peels, and microneedling work by stimulating collagen production and breaking down scar tissue. This helps improve the skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of scars.

Are there non-surgical options for acne scar removal?

Yes, non-surgical options include laser therapy, dermal fillers, and chemical peels. These treatments can effectively reduce the appearance of acne scars with little to no downtime.

What are the risks and potential side effects of scar removal?

The potential risks of scar removal treatments include temporary redness, swelling, and mild discomfort. Rarely, there may be pigment changes or scarring. However, you can reduce the risk of scarring or pigmentation changes by following all aftercare guidelines accurately.

Can all skin types benefit from acne scar removal treatments?

Our cosmetic providers carefully analyze your skin type and conditions to recommend the most suitable treatments for your needs. Generally, acne scar removal is suitable for all skin types, but different individuals may need different treatments.

Can acne scars be completely removed, or will there be some residual marks?

While acne scars can significantly improve with treatment, complete removal may not always be possible. The extent of improvement depends on the type and severity of the scars and the chosen treatment method.

What should I do to prepare for an acne scar removal procedure?

Preparation for acne scar removal may involve avoiding sun exposure, discontinuing certain skincare products, and following pre-procedure instructions provided by your skincare professionals. Please discuss the specific preparation guidelines with your provider.