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What Is Visia Skin Care Analysis?

Visia facial analysis or assessment is part of the comprehensive skincare evaluation done by a skin specialist or at a beauty spa. It involves a comprehensive analysis system to evaluate your unique facial characteristics.

The Visia system scans your skin carefully to identify its weaknesses and strengths. In addition, it has powerful scans that measure your pore size, skin pigmentation, and porphyrins, evidence of bacteria clogged in pores. Moreover, it can scan and locate sun damage, wrinkles, UV spots, and skin texture.

With this detailed assessment, your skin care provider can compare your state with your peer group. The advantage is that our providers can tailor a treatment program that targets your unique needs. Furthermore, it makes it easier to track the outcome of your treatment over time.

What To Expect During Your Appointment

The analysis system moves around your face like a camera to capture 3D images of your face from all angles. The device has special features to capture variations on your skin. For example, it uses UV light to capture unusual skin conditions and RBX technology to identify regions of different pigmentation. It captures irregular pigmentation such as red spots, brown spots, hyperpigmentation, inflammation, and other skin problems.

The Visia system produces a detailed analysis of your skin type and condition using various technological capabilities. Furthermore, the system contains an inbuilt collection of skincare treatments that your provider can “test” on your virtual skin. Additionally, our Visia analysis providers have a commendable experience in the work.

Our skin care providers will discuss your medical history, aesthetic goals, and other concerns to recommend a suitable skin treatment that suits your needs. The provider may recommend dermal fillers, skin rejuvenation procedures, and neuromodulators according to your skin’s needs. They may test the treatment virtually on your skin to see the expected results.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Visia Analysis?

Visia analysis is suitable for men and women above 18 years of age. It reveals pre-existing skin issues and signs of aging problems that might arise later. If you desire a personalized skin plan unique to your needs, then Visia Skin Assessment might be your ideal starting point.

What Are the Side Effects?

Visia analysis is certified and safe to use as long as you are of the right age. While some people might worry about the use of UV lighting, know that the system uses minimal UV levels. In addition, they only use UV at controlled levels, ensuring that it is safe for your skin. Primarily, this UV software is used to detect hidden areas of concern and treat them before they can develop into serious complications.

Benefits of Visia Analysis

The following are the most notable benefits of Visia Skin Care Analysis:

  • It is a precise roadmap to skin treatment
  • It helps to determine the severity of skin issues
  • It analyzes below and above the skin.