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Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Debating on whether or not to remove an old or new tattoo due to a change in your profession, a mistake, or a cover-up? Seeing the signs of aging sooner than you had hoped? We have good news for you! Our laser center specializes in helping you achieve the results you are looking for whether it is for tattoo removal or age spot removal, we can rewind time!

We thrive on your satisfaction, so in addition to using the latest cutting edge technology in the laser industry for removing all colors, we want you to know your treatment will be performed by a qualified Laser Certified Technician and Laser Safety Certified owner and operator.

Laser Tattoo Removal Services

The laser services we offer are designed to allow you to get in and out all with NO DOWNTIME! Recent technology advancements, specifically in the past decade, have tremendously improved tattoo removal as well as age reversing results.

Getting a tattoo symbolizes a huge change in one’s life and certain tattoo designs express feelings of courage, hope, freedom, truth, faith, and others represent a certain time of life or life experience that you want to commemorate.

Laser Tattoo Removal Indianapolis

Deciding to remove or cover-up your tattoo can be a challenging decision to make because the intention of the original tattoo was meant to be permanent. It is extraordinary to be able to remove the ‘permanent’ ink since it was not intended to ever come off. Sometimes a tattoo outcome is just not up to par, we have heard complaints such as ‘it didn’t come out like the drawing’ to ‘an instant feeling of regret’.  Our staff is ready to help, learn more about a specific service by selecting an option above or call us at 317-848-7546 .