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Tattoo Removal Client Story: Marisa’s Change of Heart

By January 28, 2016April 12th, 2022Client Stories

Getting a tattoo removed can be an emotional process. We connect with our customers in a supportive, non-judgmental way. Every client we treat has a “Change of HeArt” story that makes his or her situation unique. Last year, we really connected with one girl in particular. Her tattoo removal client story is one we thought so many people could identify with and she agreed to share her story with you.


“After a 6-month whirlwind relationship, people thought I was crazy to get engaged.  They said I was rushing things since I had only known my finance for such a short time.  But I could tell this relationship was different than others I’ve had in the past. This was it. The one. I loved him (and my son, from a previous marriage, loved him even more).  We were ready to make it official.   


People thought I was truly insane when we decided to get matching tattoos.  He was very artistic and had his arms and back tattooed with the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen.  I wanted to embrace in his love for tattoos. And honestly, I’ve always kind of wanted one.  Getting my first tattoo was my way of saying to the doubters that this love would never end.  I hated the people who judged me through this process. I just wanted their blessing and support.  I’m an independent, strong and intelligent woman in her early 30’s and I was so sure of our bond that I didn’t even hesitate when we chose the design that would be placed permanently on my wrist (and his) for eternity.  It was a beautiful gesture that symbolized our love perfectly.


Somehow only 8 months after we made it official, it fell apart just as quickly as it began.  I don’t even know what happened. I was devastated. A few painful months after my marriage ended, it occurred to me that this tattoo wasn’t the beautiful, artistic reminder of strength and love I intended it to be. Instead, it was a bitter mark that did nothing but remind me of the poor choices I’d made throughout a vicious cycle of the wrong men coming into my life at the right times. Plus, it served as a constant reminder to my 4-year-old son who kept asking about the man that swept into and out of our lives so quickly. 


The tattoo needed to go.  I needed to move on.  Scratch that, WE needed to move on.


I decided to go through the process of getting it removed. When I walked into Skin Renew’s laser tattoo removal clinic for the first time and looked at the before and after pictures of other people’s tattoo removal treatment progression.  I knew right then and there that this was one decision that wouldn’t lead to regret.


My initial consultation, in which I was assured I was a good candidate for tattoo removal, was brief. I signed the paperwork, listened to Vicki’s instruction for aftercare, and after less than a minute of pain, my first laser treatment was complete. And as I walked to my car afterward, I felt relief wash over me. I had taken the first step in this cleansing process.


I never, ever saw our relationship coming to an end. For a period of time, I was destroyed and my son was confused. All I can do now is hit the reset button and start again. It was a harsh love lesson but I’m ready to reinvent myself. I’m excited for the next phase of my life without the tattooed reminder of my failed marriage.”


Does Marisa’s change of heart story sound familiar? Do you or someone you know have a “Change of heArt” tattoo removal client story to share with us? Enter your tattoo into our “Change of heArt” Contest. Simply upload a picture of your tattoo, get your friends to vote through 2/19/16, and you could win a free tattoo removal at our Indianapolis location.

Note: This story was written by one of Skin Renew’s clients. It was edited by our blog writer. Any names have been changed. We welcome client stories. If you’d like to share yours, please email.