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Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Nomination

SKIN RENEW LASER TATTOO REMOVAL was honored to be nominated for the 2017 Starkey Entrepreneurial Woman Award.

Each year individuals are honored for their courage, tenacity, and selflessness in an endeavor, other than a business.  Armed with a small business success story, Stacey Blanton Anderson, is also passionate about empowering women to make a substantial amount of money for themselves. She possesses a strong mix of business and financial acumen that allows her to be “the invisible hand that keeps pushing women forward.” Stacey frequently mentors those looking to get into the Entrepreneurial space. As for Skin Renew,  Stacey and her staff are committed to their philanthropic endeavors including Free Breast Cancer marker removal, and their hero discount for those that serve in our armed services, veterans, police, fire, and public service related fields.

The Starkey Entrepreneurial was started by Marti Starkey in 1998 after Marti noticed that many female business owners were doing heroic work and deserved to be honored.  However, most entrepreneurial awards were being given to men.  Marti continued to present the Starkey awards and after she merged her law firm into Harrison & Mobley, LLP, they proudly continued this tradition.

A proud moment to be honored and nominated with the many other talented business women in Central Indiana.