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The real cost of your tattoo removal

By October 14, 2016April 12th, 2022Tattoo Removal Cost

Laser Tattoo Removal Cost

Your ink – you used to love it, it expressed your individuality and rebelliousness/devotion/romantic feelings… AND on top of that, you invested a lot in it! So if you ended up having uneasy feelings with the mere look of it nowadays, can you afford to have it removed?


Recent stats related to the tattoo industry reveal a staggering number of 45 million U.S. citizens having at least one tattoo; and further on, a percentage of U.S. adults between 26 and 40 who have been inked are as high as 40%. So, you’re definitely not alone – and living in a country that has 21,000 registered tattoo parlors, once the decision was made, it probably wasn’t hard to turn your inking dream to a reality!


Most people wouldn’t pinch pennies when it comes to placing permanent marks on their body, given the necessity of quality ink, sterile tools, and artists who know what they’re doing. The price of tattoos is determined by several factors – including its size, complexity of its design, colors used, position on the body and the going rate of the tattooist. Some studios charge a minimum of $50 – 75, regardless of the size of the tattoo, while many artists will charge by the hour, with the price going from $50 for an apprentice up to $300 per hour for a reputable artist (and that’s not including his/hers creative work if you choose a custom design). The statistics say that last year in the U.S., we’ve spent $1,650,500,000 on tattoos!

THE COST OF TATTOO REMOVAL – 4 very different ways

As you start your journey of making your tattoo invisible, you will come across stories of more or less effective ways of un-inking, each of which goes with certain price and risks:

  • Dermabrasion: depending on the size of the tattoo, prices can go from about $ 1000 and can reach up to several thousand;
  • Surgical excision: Although a complete tattoo removal is guaranteed as the surgeon will, in essence, cut out the piece of skin with the tattoo, it’ll set you off by $ 1000 and more for larger tattoos. In addition, excision of large tattoos requires skin grafting, which has inherent risks on its own and leaves you with a permanent scar.
  • The DIY: The cheapest way to TRY and get rid of an unwanted tattoo are at-home methods, including salabrasion (rubbing salt on your skin – costing you nothing), tattoo removal creams (can be bought online for $ 80 per tube) etc. – but the downside is that all these pose a great risk to your health, can cause scarring and infections, and are not proven to work at all. So the price you might end up paying for experimenting could well be too high.
  • Laser tattoo removal: Decomposing the ink particles is the least invasive method and proven to be the most effective, providing you with the ease of paying per treatment – and as time between sessions is from 4 to 6 weeks, your finances are not burdened by a large cost to begin with. Treatments can range from $75 and more depending on various removal factors (size, density, colors etc.), you might require from just 3-4 up to over 15 treatments. We at Indy Skin Renew are devoted to getting this process done the best way possible and have multiple price structures to help you throughout – including package pricing, installments, and discounts for booking bulk treatments – whatever it takes to get your skin canvas clear again.


If tattoo removal still sounds like quite an investment for you, try and think about how many times your ink actually drained cash from your pocket by not allowing you to step up the ladder in money-making opportunities.

In times when so many people have them, it’s not uncommon to hear that tattoos still seem to affect more than what people think of you on the street; there are career implications in your choice of body art too.

So unless you are ready to wear turtlenecks all year round, think about what is the real cost of not being able to advance in your career – because throughout life you might have to navigate some working environments where your tattoos are a detriment.

The Center for Professional Excellence at York College in Pennsylvania revealed that up to 61% of HR managers believe a visible tattoo damages a job applicant’s chances. While employees might not mind tattoos on a personal level, it’s how customers might perceive employees with visible tattoos that would put them off from hiring you.

For some jobs, and some vocations, managers will see the dense black skull on your hands or a cheeky pin-up girl peeking from under your neckline – as an office eyesore. Facial tats are a special category, where like Mike Tyson– well, least to say – it’s not screaming corporate.

According to, having a visible tattoo reduces your chances of promotion by 27%; that turned into lost $$’s – makes you wonder is it still too pricey to have your ink invisible?

There’s another downside of keeping unwanted ink – the price you potentially pay in nerves and sanity.


Now it’s pretty understandable why your partner isn’t too happy to explain to people that he just met at a barbecue that he is not Joe! Whose name peeks together with a burning heart image from under the sleeve of his girlfriend’s shirt; OR your new girlfriend disliking you taking your shirt off at the pool, as your chest reveals a clumsy attempt of reverting “Mary” into “Maryland”.

It’s not just the past that can wreak havoc on a relationship – if your partner was against tattooing, having a permanent reminder of how you didn’t consider his/her requests may put some tension between you both as well.

At the end of the day, a mutual decision of erasing unwanted ink, although a lengthy and somewhat costly process, could save you a lot of headache and persistent struggle with the ghosts of your past. Do you agree it may be worth it?


As anyone who’s had a visible tattoo knows, there’s something about having body ink that inspires people – from the random drunk who sat next to you on the bus, to your mother-in-law – that feel they have the right to have an opinion and comment on your body.

Passing judgment on somebody’s clothes, hair color or weight isn’t quite as socially acceptable, yet statements such as “You’ll regret that when you’re older,” or “Why’d you have to ruin your skin like that?” are your everyday reality when you have a tattoo that peeks out into the world.

People are becoming bold, more willing to touch and grab at others’ ink – and curiosity gets the better of many otherwise sane people’s social sensibilities.  And wanting to make your ink instantly invisible is something all of us have experienced when faced with handsy strangers who simply HAD to touch your tattoo.

Having tattoos does not push you to the fringes of polite society, but too much of that society still sees body art as an excuse to be impolite, seeing a tattoo as a sign that says, “Touch here!”

Laser removal still sounds expensive? Try seeing it in a different perspective and ask yourself does the cost of keeping an unwanted tattoo outweigh the cost of removal?

How does it affect your everyday life, your career or your relationship? With the ability to have your ink turned into an invisible image for as little as $65 per session, this investment might  spare you the pain of long-term dissatisfaction.

The solution that we offer is safe, effective, and long-term.  We will get you back on the track of being able to chase those lost opportunities. Book now for a cost-free consultation, where we can discuss the best opportunities for having your skin renewed and cleared from ink.

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