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Discover the Rich Cultural History of Tattoos

By November 19, 2014April 12th, 2022Tattoo Education

If you think getting a tattoo to express a special event in your life is something fairly new, then you might be surprised by the rich cultural history of tattoos. The history of body ink dates back long before sailors with the iconic green ink were seen sporting them as they came back from their tours of duty.

The History of Tattoos | Find Out Now

Check-out this video from Ted- to discover the rich cultural history of tattoos. It dives deep into the ancient history of tattooing. Hey, there’s even a reference to laser tattoo removal in the video as well.

Laser Tattoo Removal in Indianapolis

If you have a tattoo, you’re part of a rich cultural history that dates back at least 8,000 years. Where did this practice of body modification come from, and how has its function changed over time? Addison Anderson tracks the history of getting inked.

Lesson by Addison Anderson, animation by The Think Blot.

Source: The history of tattoos – Addison Anderson