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Laser Center Owner Tests Laser Tattoo Removal Devices on Herself: Quanta Q-Plus C vs PicoSure

By August 7, 2015April 12th, 2022Laser Tattoo Removal Laser Types

PicoSure laser is the “best” laser on the market!  Or is It?

Due to the hype, we have been asked if we have the PicoSure laser. Many people do not understand the technology behind the lasers and simply rely on the marketing that is presented.

Quanta Q-Plus C vs PicoSure Tattoo Removal

As the owner of Skin Renew, I personally interviewed numerous laser companies and used my own tattoo as the “guinea pig” to test the lasers and all that was promised.  We thoroughly and meticulously interviewed, questioned, and researched the lasers before we decide on the Quanta Q-Plus C.  At the end of the day, this was the best laser for our company and our clients.

Let’s talk realistically, with technology – there will always be the “latest and greatest”.  We see it every day.  The PicoSure is said to have the ability to remove tattoos quicker than the Q-switched technology.  If we go back to Physics class and look at things with a clear view you will lean back on the fact that the time it takes for removal will rely on technology – the Wavelengths to be more exact.

Here are the facts:

Ink Pigment Settles in the Skin at Various Depths

When you sat in the chair to have your tattoo put on – you wanted it to last forever.  You didn’t know what ink the tattoo artist was using, what colors he/she had used on the client before you, or how many tattoos your artist had created before you sat in that chair.

Different color ink settles at varying depths in your skin.  Black settles the deepest.  Blue/Greens settle in the mid-section and Reds/Oranges settle closer to the surface.

The Quanta Q-Plus C is the only laser that uses 3 TRUE wavelengths.  These wavelengths are 1064, 532, and 694.

  • 1064 wavelength:  this wavelength targets black inks that sit the deepest-typically black inks are the easiest to remove.
  • 694 wavelength:  the Ruby wavelength targets the Blue/ Green colors.  These colors are sometimes more difficult to remove- and the ruby is the best wavelength to remove these colors.
  • 532 wavelength:  are used to target the red/orange colors that typically sit at the least depth in the skin.

So why does the PicoSure have the 755 wavelength?  This wavelength is one of the first wavelengths used in tattoo removal.  The 755 falls right between the 694 & 1064.  This wavelength makes reactions happen past the 694 (blue/green) wavelength and stops before the 1064 (black) wavelength.  It works, but it doesn’t always go deep enough into the black and it bypasses the blue/greens.  The PicoSure does have positive results in fading and removing tattoos, but its wavelength inhibits it from hitting exactly where it should in the skin to have ideal responses.  The PicoSure also struggles with removal of red ink.  Due to the wavelength it passes right by the red ink and stops short of deep black colors

A few other items to point out as differences in the PicoSure vs the Quanta Q plus – include the following:

Quanta  Q-plus lasers have the highest fluencies, out of any laser, in all wavelengths.  (Strongest ink breaking ability).

Quanta Q-plus  lasers are still the only lasers using a square beam instead of a round beam.  Circular beams such as the PicoSure are where shots are overlapped.  Overlapping shots can damage the skin. With a square beam, pulses are precisely stacked in an organized fashion for best results and least damage.

Safe & Effective Laser Tattoo Removal: Quanta Q-Plus C

PicoSure has been marketed as the most advanced tattoo removal device.  The PicoSure has come to market to create a stir claiming “the area will heal more quickly, with less damage to the surrounding tissue” and that tattoos can be removed more quickly.  After interviewing, reviewing the lasers, the marketing claims and testing on my own personal tattoo removal- it’s our opinion that the claims by PicoSure were based off of inferior q-switched technology to that of the Quanta Q-Plus C.

Faster Doesn’t Always Mean Better

My friends this is all marketing rhetoric.  The Quanta Q-Plus C laser removes tattoos quicker than other Q- switched lasers and the healing time is the fastest on the market.  The price tag for treatment sessions is competitive with the Quanta laser- the PicoSure due to the marketing, hefty price tag of the laser, and ROI for a business – passes that higher price per treatment on to you, the client.  Don’t be fooled by the higher price tag to mean faster and better results.

To double check my statement, I have included a recent study by the Journal of Laser and Health Academy:

“The published literature and our preliminary results seem to indicate that current “picosecond” lasers are not expected to have significantly better tattoo clearance effect in comparison with the “gold standard” Q-switched nanosecond tattoo lasers. It is our opinion that top-of-the-line Q-switched nanosecond lasers will remain devices of choice for tattoo removal.”

If you have additional questions about the Quanta Q-Plus C that we use or if you would like to schedule a consult please feel free to call us at 317-848-7546(SKIN) or  schedule an appointment.