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How does microblading work? Spilling the tea on Microblading

By August 17, 2018April 12th, 2022Microblading

Let’s get down to business… BROW business, that is! Eyebrow trends are always changing through time. In the 80s everyone was gushing over the full bushy brows and in the 90s we wanted thin pencil lines. There is one constant thing that has made it through the ages… having enough brow hairs to work with.

Makeup is more times than not the go-to solution for filling in our brows.

However, that takes time and effort. I mean… do you want twins or long lost and estranged cousins? Let’s get real. We all want to wake up with amazingly thick, beautifully perfect eyebrows that rival Cara Delevigne. When in reality we wake up to phone calls from Gwen Stefani in the year 2000 asking for her brows back. Am I right, ladies?!

For those who want that time back and want a longer lasting solution, microblading is your new best friend. Sorry Gwen, we ain’t no holla back girls.

How does microblading work? Allow me to spill the tea… aka give you some truth.


It is a tattoo technique.

The training, tools, and technique are very different from what you would see at a local tattoo parlor, but you are still embedding ink into the top layers of skin. It’s not that deep. The pen-like tool is used to “feather” thin, hair-like lines to create the brows.

The ink is only semi-permanent

Unlike your traditional tattoos, the ink naturally fades over time, usually after 3-5 years without annual touch-ups.

Who is a good candidate for microblading?  

This procedure is great for anyone who is looking to change their brow game, specifically define them, cover up patchy areas, and get time back in your morning routine. It is safe and reliable for most people.

Does it hurt?

It’s hard to say because everyone has different levels of pain tolerance, but overall, microblading is said to be slightly uncomfortable though not unbearable. At Skin Renew we put a topical numbing agent on your brows before you get started to ease the discomfort.

How long does the procedure take?  

The preliminary procedure takes around 2- 2 ½ hours give or take. The first appointment includes the brow shaping, customized color matching for the existing brows, and microblading/microshading.

How do I prepare for a microblading procedure?

Don’t pluck/tweeze or wax one week before the service. Stay out of the tanning bed and use sunscreen if exposed to the sun to avoid a sunburned face. Avoid having any type of facial two weeks prior to the microblading procedure.

What happens when it is all over?

There is no down time. However, we recommend that you take a look at your schedule the following days after. It takes around 25-30 days for the healing process and after that it is recommended that you go in for a touch up. Within the first few days following the appointment, the feathered brow lines placed throughout your brows will begin to scab. It is very natural and you shouldn’t be worried when this happens.

Who will be microblading your brows?

Meet Brittany. Brittany is Skin Renew’s new Laser Technician, but also our Eyebrow Microblading Artist. With her passion for beauty and her advanced knowledge as a Microblading Instructor for World Microblading Academy, she strives to make people feel and look more confidently beautiful. Microblading is a tested and genuine technique perfected our Eyebrow Microblading Artist to help transform and rewrite your brow story.