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Microblading Correction and Removal: What are your options?

By August 17, 2018April 12th, 2022Microblading

Now that we have given you the scoop on Microblading,  let’s talk about Microblading correction.With the rise in the popularity of Microblading (we mean, why not?! It is AMAZE!), there have unfortunately been an abundance of insufficient courses. Therefore, some artists may not have the proper training and the results are not what the client envisioned.

Similar to stories you heard when Botox came around. People were having Botox parties and the procedure was cheap so people thought, “Why not?”

We have seen some of those results with “Microblading”. A lot of these Microblading correction cases we see are color correction and misplacement of individual hair strokes. 

Fear Not: We Can Help

Have no fear, Brittany is here. As we have raved about before, Brittany is Skin Renew’s Microblading Artist. Not only do we have an amazing, trained Microblading artist, Brittany is also a Master Trainer at World Microblading.

World Microblading is a globally known award-winning academy specializing in Microblading and Plasma Fibroblast procedures. It is one thing to be the student, but to be a student and then also train other artists, now that packs a punch full of credibility. 

A word from Brittany: “As a trainer, I am driven to empower Microblading knowledge to all my students. My passion for beautification helps me strive to make people feel and look more beautiful with natural-looking eyebrows.”

The Microblading Correction Process

Microblading Correction can be done one of two ways. It is all dependent on what your previous artist has done. Once your initial brows have healed (up to 8 weeks), and you have the green light to have them corrected, Brittany will decide if a saline/laser removal is necessary or the previous work is something she can work around.

OPTION 1: Saline Removal

The saline solution is the main component to this procedure; where we only scrape the first two layers of skin. It’s made to break up the cosmetic pigment and push it up and out of the skin. Brittany always tries her best not to put a client in this situation. However, sometimes it is necessary in order to send the client out the door with confidence. Depending on the density of the original pigment, a client could need multiple removal sessions.

OPTION 2: Laser Removal

Laser removal, in our opinion, is honestly the best choice for any type of Microblade correction. Why? The laser can penetrate the skin deeper and break up the pigment faster. However, even the laser can have a hard time breaking up certain pigments because we will never know what some pigments are consisted of if not performed by our Microblading Artist, Brittany.

Now you’re ready for brow perfection!

Don’t Forget the Perfecting Session

Most people let the relief of having their brows corrected interfere with maintenance. Let us remind you that Microblading is a minimum two-step process for optimum results! The perfecting session (6-8 weeks after Microblade) is where Brittany will add density, add more strokes, and also go over any uneven healed spots. We got you! You won’t walk away with any patches ladies.

Let Us Rewrite Your Story

While Microblading isn’t AS permanent as tattooing, it will never just make like Houdini and disappear.

That is why we brought Brittany aboard to rewrite your brow’s story. It’s not how we make mistakes in life, but how we correct them that define us. Whether it is a tattoo you got on spring break of ’85 or a Microblade gone bad, we have a solution for you. Your body is your billboard. Invest in yourself. It is the biggest return you will ever get in life.

You don’t have to live with regret. We have the tools to correct. Not only does Brittany perform Microblading and Microblade correction, she also is our Laser Removal Technician. It doesn’t have to be a mistake forever. No regerts, I mean regrets!