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Nail Polish Trends and Popular Manicure Ideas

By June 11, 2018April 29th, 2022Nails

The Latest In Manicures

Are you ready to make an appointment at a nail salon but wondering what’s new in nail polish and manicures? Check out these new and varied options – you’ll find something you’ll want to try for everyday wear as well as for those special daytime, weekend, and evening events and getaways coming up on your calendar. There are so many popular ideas for different events, fashion styles, and personalities. Read on to see what might be right for you.


What are the Latest Trends in Nail Polish Colors?

Let’s take a look at what you’ll find this year at your nail salon when it comes to color. Here are some color choices that are currently leading the pack and making an impact. You could consider shades of orange, like coral (less pastel or pink, more toward the poppy end of the shade spectrum), orange-red, or orange (ranging from sunny tangerine to soft apricot).


Metallics are making their mark, as well, including metallic browns or metallic blue (to go along with your favorite denim outfit).

Bright colors are trending this year, as well. Think fuchsia, bright yellow, or even – if you’re feeling adventurous – bright blue. As always, don’t forget the base coat and topcoat for strong, lasting manicures.


What are Some New Effects with Nail Polish?

Nail art with a floral flair is pretty, feminine, and versatile. This year at your nail salon you’ll find floral influences being incorporated in nail art and design in a variety of ways. The flowers may be simplistic (think daisies), soft and subtle (with a watercolor effect) or bold and more abstract (with bright polish). You’ll even find designs where the floral pattern is extended down the fingers for a unique look. Some manicures even incorporate dried flowers – or flowers that have been preserved in amber! The sky is the limit when creating a manicure with a floral flair.


A never-ending array of nail polish patterns and effects is available this year, as talented manicurists are adding all types of effects into their repertoire – including polka dots, red, white and blue-themed designs, a clear base with pops of color, and even designs incorporating gold foil.

Many new and different nail polish effects are popular this year, so now might be the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and into a new and unique style. You could try out a design featuring: a checkerboard pattern, subtle touches of leopard or other animal prints, a contemporary look (orange, black, and white, for example), stripes, lighthearted (like tiny hearts), fruit (who could resist tiny strawberries, lemons, or limes?), a retro flower power look to evoke the 1960s, stained glass pattern (Frank Lloyd Wright, mid-Century, or Mondrian-inspired) three-dimensional mosaic tiles, rainbow stripes at the nail tip, a celestial theme with the moon and the stars (yes, the sky is the limit), snakeskin effect, or colorful dots (for a pop art look).


What are Some New Ideas for Manicures?

While the French manicure might have faded a bit in popularity in recent years, it’s back this year with many new variations on the traditional style, including new looks that are less angular and not as thick. Whether you’re planning to attend a special formal occasion, a casual outdoor daytime get-together, or a girls’ night out, you’ll find something you can try out and experiment with.

Here are just some of the variations you’ll find this year for the French manicure:

  • Black base with colors – dramatic and moody or subtle colors
  • Black and white graphics – stripes, effects, words(make a statement!)
  • French line – tracing the nail bed in black, for a cool and minimalistic look
  • French tip, half-moon combo – a modern look
  • Marble tips – offset with one or more full marble nails
  • French fishnets – crosshatch pattern
  • Floral decals – secured with a clear topcoat
  • Oil spill – featuring foil at the tips, leaving the rest of the nails bare
  • Checkerboard pattern
  • Mint fade – a light green to white faded effect
  • Double lined – with the simple addition of a middle line
  • Freehand – quirky and fun, perhaps featuring an ‘80s motif
  • French fade – white tips with a nude base and an ombre effect
  • Micro tiny art – flowers, fruit, school-related, cars, etc.
  • Multiple lines – less traditional, with endless possibilities for solid or patterned lines
  • Upside down – with a design near the cuticles instead of the nail tips
  • Bling – rhinestones, glitter, and more
  • Bring on the sizzle with sparkles and bright red
  • A touch of glamour – glitter at the top of the nail
  • Accent nails (multiple, not just one) – fun and special


You’ll find that some of the newest trends in manicures are related to nail shapes. Here are just some of what you’ll find this year at your nail salon – see what you and your manicurist decides to try at your next manicure or pedicure:

  • Short ovals – always popular, flattering for everyone
  • Coffin, square – requires long nail, tip is squared off
  • Stiletto – very long and leads to a sharp point (note: these break easily)
  • “Squoval” – straight sides and curved top
  • Almond – very long with an elongated shape and tapered tip – you may need to go with acrylics for this look
  • Pointed – not as tapered a stiletto, also best-suited for acrylics
  • Round – short and simple, classic, durable

What Does Indy Skin Renew Day Spa Offer?

At Indy Skin Renew Day Spa we think of a manicure and pedicure as a beauty treatment for the hands and feet. Although both can be done at home, many people choose to go to a nail salon for a professional manicure and pedicure. These services involve filing and shaping of the nails, along with pushing back and clipping the cuticles. In addition to massaging, soaking, and moisturizing the hands and feet, this treatment also typically includes the application of nail polish to the fingernails-for the men’s pedicures polish can be foregone or a clear top coat can be applied.

We hope you will check out our nail services and make an appointment today to see these latest trends in action and to decide what is right for you and your own personal style.