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How Tattoo Removal Works

By November 5, 2015May 2nd, 2022Tattoo Removal Process

Ever Wonder How Tattoo Removal Works

Every tattoo is like a snowflake or a fingerprint- unique.The day you had your tattoo applied it represented a trend, memory, point of view or a spontaneous decision.  At that moment it felt right, but today?  Today you are pondering what it would take to undo part of that past. All that time ago, you felt the tattoo you were paying $100 or more for was an investment for a lifetime, but now you wonder what it would take to have it removed, how long would it take to be rid of it and how much it would cost you for tattoo removal.

Know this…in much the same way your tattoo is unique and specific to you, so too is the speed of tattoo removal. A myriad of factors combine to determine how long removing a tattoo takes and often there aren’t easy answers to this simple question.   When you first sat in that chair, it’s likely that you didn’t ask the tattoo artist what ink they were using.  Nor would you have asked what tattoo they put on the client before you and what colors were used.  Even something as straightforward as black ink isn’t as simple as you might think. A Google search of “black tattoo ink” will show you more than 50,000 variants.  So what does that mean and where does that leave you in your desire to have your tattoo removed?

These factors are key in tattoo removal.

The science behind tattoo removal is fascinating.  In a previous blog (infographic blog link), we highlighted how ink settles in the skin and how the different wavelengths are used to remove those colors with laser technology.  The size of ink particles is an important factor when using lasers to remove color tattoos.

Basically, there are three main classes of tattoo ink particles and they each react differently to the removal laser.  These inks are listed quickest to longest:

  1. Black ink particles are the smallest ink particles
  2. Colors such as green, yellow, red and orange are mid-range in size
  3. White ink particles are the largest

The result of removing a color tattoo using a laser varies from case to case. Generally, when the percentage of reflection from pigment is minimal and the proper wavelength is used for efficient ink absorption, the result of removing tattoos is successful and poses minimal adverse effects.  British Journal of Dermatology.

Trust only a Tattoo Removal Professional.

It comes down to this – tattoo removal is a craft.  Every tattoo, every client and every laser is unique. When you work with a tattoo removal specialist who works on removal daily, you get the best results.  At Skin Renew we know the entire process of removal and will make sure you know what needs to happen when you leave the office for maximum results.  The laser is only part of the equation.   The client is the other part.  The laser will shatter the ink; your lymphatic system will dispel the ink.  The better you follow our simple after-care steps the better and faster your removal will be.

If you are considering tattoo removal or have any questions about tattoo removal services in Indianapolis, please contact us today for a free consultation.  As a new customer, mention this offer and receive a $50 discount off your first tattoo removal treatment.