How to Take Care of Your Lashes 101

Have you recently got a set of lash extensions and aren’t sure how to properly take care of them? Or, are you a lash vet and feel like you need some better guidance on how to take care of them? Then keep on reading!Lash extensions are a service that...

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Facial Oils: Why they are NOT scary!

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, or normal skin, facial oils will work for any type of skin!Below are the different skin types and how facial oils can help with each type. At the very very bottom is a list of safe, organic, and...

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Congested skin? Say no more!

Many people have complained about their skin looking bumpy especially around their mouth and cheeks. Sometimes you’ll find a blackhead, or even a little pimple! This is what we call congestion. Congestion is basically a build up of sweat, dead skin,...

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