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How to Take Care of Your Lashes 101

By March 15, 2019April 12th, 2022Lash Extensions

How To Care For Lash Extensions

Have you recently got a set of lash extensions and aren’t sure how to properly take care of them? Or, are you a lash vet and feel like you need some better guidance on how to take care of them? Then keep on reading!

Lash extensions are a service that instantly changes the way you look and feel about yourself, but if they aren’t taken care of properly, they can look a little funky. When you get a set of lash extensions, your lash tech should go over what to do and what not to do at home. However, sometimes we can still leave the salon/spa feeling a bit confused.

Here are some basic steps to help keep your lashes looking flawless:

Keep your lashes clean.

Very simple, yet crucial. Using a cleanser that is lash extension safe is recommended as well as brushing through your lashes 1-2 times a day. The combination of actually washing your lashes and making sure they are all straight and aligned will make your lashes look the best they can!

Refrain from oil-based products.

Oil is the main ingredient in many makeup removers and cleansers. Just like many cosmetics, oil will break down the adhesive for lash extensions. Meaning, the oil can make your lash extensions fall out while using the oil, or much earlier than they should.

Wear no mascara.

Why would you put mascara on anyways? You just spent all that money on a set of lash extensions, why ruin them? If necessary, only put mascara on the tips of your lashes, but absolutely NO WATERPROOF!

Sleep on your back.

Sorry stomach sleepers, this may be difficult for you! If you sleep on your stomach, your face is shoved into your pillow, rubbing your eyes, and moving your lashes back and forth. This could make you susceptible to losing lashes prematurely. Also, pillowcases have an impact on the quality of your lash extensions. A silk or satin pillowcase is recommended.

Be careful removing makeup.

Unfortunately, lash extensions aren’t permanent, and we can’t get away with doing whatever we want to them. Meaning: we can’t slop a bunch of makeup on our face, and be careless when removing it.

Creams and oil-based products are going to be something to avoid. Oils break down the adhesive used to bond the lash extension to your natural lash. When removing your makeup, use oil-free cleansers to gently wipe downwards to remove your makeup. Also, I would recommend not using a cotton ball or cotton pad, as they can shed and get stuck in your lashes. Don’t feel discouraged, there are a ton of options for cleansers and makeup!

No picking.

There can be many temptations to play with your lashes, feel them, or move them around, but try your very hardest to not do that! Lash extensions fall out with your natural lash. When you rub your eyes too much, you make yourself vulnerable to not only losing a lash extension but potentially a natural lash too.

If you see a lash is out of place, crooked, or just doesn’t look right, don’t start to mess with them with your fingers. Your fingers contain lots of oils and dirt that can damage your lashes, or you could accidentally pull one out, OW! Take a spoolie or brush and straighten them out. Always brush through your lashes at least once a day to keep them looking groomed and beautiful!

The most important rule about lash extensions is… ENJOY THEM!