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What is Lash Lifting?

By April 19, 2019April 29th, 2022Lash Lifts

Lash Lifting: What is it?

Lash lifting is a totally safe treatment that uses two different solutions to lift and curl your natural lashes.

The Elleebana Lash Lift is a semi-permanent lash-enhancing treatment that gives your natural lashes the appearance of perfectly curled lashes with an added definition for 4-12 weeks (depends on how well you do your aftercare). It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as some people want a more natural look or don’t want any artificial lashes put on.

Essentially, lash lifting is a perm for your lashes, but don’t get scared, it’s not the same solution that gets applied to the lashes.

Instead of having to use a lash curler and get that funky L shaped look, with a lash lift, you’ll get that beautiful C curl without having to do anything to your lashes!

Just like a perm for your hair, there are different size rods like there are different size rollers. Everything is done specifically for your lashes!

Lash Lifting: What is the Process?

First, our technician will clean your eyelids and lashes with a cleanser to remove all makeup and oils. This will make sure that the lift will work properly and last as long as possible


Then the technician will measure out your eyes and the length of your lashes to silicone molds/rods. The rods will be what gives the lashes its curl. Once the technician determines what size rod to use, she will then glue the rods down with a gentle adhesive.


With the silicone mold on the eyelid, the technician will then curl the lashes using the glue over the rod. This is where the technician will separate the lashes and curl them upward and outward to create the look that you are wanting.


After the lashes have been separated and placed where they should be, the technician will then start applying the solutions. The first solution that goes on the lashes is the perming solution. The perming solution is a chemical solution that sits between the root and mid-shaft of the lash for about 8-15 minutes depending on the thickness and strength of the lashes.


When the first solution is removed, then it is time for the setting solution. The setting solution, also known as a neutralizer, will help prevent over-processing, which could make the lashes look too curled


Are Lash Lifts Safe?

Lash lifting is completely safe if you go to someone who is a licensed professional and fully knows what they are doing.

When it comes to the eyes, we want to be very cautious and aware of everything going on.

If you are interested in a lash lift, seeking out a specific technician with proper training is important. It would be a good idea to go to someone who not only does lash lifting, but is trained in lash extensions, lash tinting, brow waxing, or other services where they are dealing with the eyes or eye area. That way, you know that person is comfortable and confident working around the eyes.


Is There Any Upkeep With Lash Lifting?

With lash lifting, you don’t have to worry about abstaining from certain products that can damage the service. Those of you who have had lash extensions before may know what I am talking about.

One of the luxuries of lash lifting versus extensions is that you only have to wait 24 hours after the service before you can wear as much makeup as you want, and clean your face with your favorite cleanser.

During the first 24 hours, the solutions that were applied to achieve the lift will set. While that is happening, it is recommended that you do not soak your lashes in water (be careful while washing your face), stay away from all makeup, and any skin care products that have a lot of oil in them.

Once the 24 hours is up, feel free to do as you please and put on a little mascara for that added drama, but know, that it won’t be necessary with a beautiful Elleebana Lash Lift!