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5 Myths Busted About Lash Extensions

By January 18, 2019April 29th, 2022Lash Extensions

Myth Number 1: Lash Extensions Will Ruin My Natural Lashes

Many people believe that lash extensions will hurt your actual lashes by making them shorter, thinner or by making them fall out. This is not the case with professional lash extensions.

When applied properly and with the right adhesive, lash extensions will do no harm to your natural lashes. Naturally, our lashes have a cycle of about 90 days. This means they fall out on their own every 4-6 weeks, with or without extensions. When your natural lashes fall out, the lash extensions fall out with the natural lash, leaving no damage behind.


Myth Number 2: Lash Extensions are One Size Fits All

Everyone has a different eye shape and size. Also, we all have a different amount of natural lashes! Lash extensions are 100% customized just for you every time.

Whether you’re looking for more volume or length, our lash tech will send you home with exactly what you want!


Myth Number 3: Having Lash Extensions Can Hurt

There is absolutely no pain during the application process or afterward. Actually, the process is very relaxing and comfortable, and most people even take a nap!

It takes roughly 2 hours to apply a full set, and your eyes are closed during the application. When the extensions are applied, you do not feel a thing, and should never be any pain. If you are uncomfortable at any point during the service, please tell your lash tech. Unfortunately, there are people out there who pretend to be certified and are not.

Always do your research before going through with any kind of service.

Myth Number 4: You Can’t Wash Your Face with Lash Extensions

For the first 24-48 hours, it is important to not get your new lash extensions wet or soaked with water. That is to ensure that the adhesive bond stays intact.

After those first two days, you can go back to your almost normal routine. As long as you are not using oil-based products (which can dissolve the adhesive), it is actually necessary to clean your lashes. While being very gentle around the eyes, you should be cleaning your eyes and face twice a day.

Keeping your lashes clean will help them stay healthy and last longer!

Myth Number 5: It Doesn’t Matter Which Lash Technician I Go To

This is the most false and scary myth of the bunch. It is crucial to do research on who you are going to get this service done with. Lots of people have made posts about going to a salon and spending anywhere from $15-35 for “lash extensions” and then later regretting it when their natural lashes got ruined.

We are here to tell you that is not normal.

I understand the cheaper price can be tempting, but those places are not legit and those “technicians” are not trained in professional lash extensions. Most of those places will buy “cluster” lashes and use glues that are normally used on hair extensions or nails.

At Skin Renew Day Spa, our lash technician uses nothing but safe and professional grade products that will never harm your natural lashes. She also takes a lot of pride in preserving her clients’ natural lashes, while enhancing the volume and length to her clients’ desire!