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Top Reasons People Remove Tattoos

By December 31, 2015April 12th, 2022Reasons to get a Tattoo Removed

Here’s a list of the top reasons for removing or covering a tattoo from Web MD.

Negative Forces at Work

Getting a tattoo as an act of rebellion is so freeing…until the day you tire of seeing the Cannibal Corpse death metal band or a My Little Pony pooping rainbows staring back at you in the mirror. Twenty-five percent of respondents to the survey stated they experienced shame and embarrassment from their tattoo. According to the study, more women than men are affected by social stigma in seeking tattoo removal.

Job Demands

Stepping into a new career or working for a more conservative company may bring about some stringent rules regarding exhibiting tattoos at the workplace. This then causes challenges with clothing and making sure the tattoo is sufficiently covered. That is why Thirty-Eight percent of those surveyed stated “new job/career” as the reason for tattoo removal. Just behind that, Thirty-Seven percent said they had problems with clothing.

Here’s the whole list from Web MD:

  • 58% just decided to remove it.

  • 57% suffered embarrassment.

  • 38% had lowered body image.

  • 38% new job/career.

  • 37% problem with clothes.

  • 25% experienced stigma.


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