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Hate your Tattoo? Get a Tattoo Cover Up

By December 2, 2015October 16th, 2023Tattoo Cover Ups

People change their minds about their tattoos all the time for all sorts of reasons and often times, it calls for a tattoo cover-up.

  • You have an old tattoo that you got when you were young and simply don’t like it anymore.
  • You have a tattoo that was poorly done originally and you want to “fix” it.
  • You already have ink in the place where you want to get a new tattoo – and no other placement will work.
  • The tattoo you already have has lost its meaning.
  • You don’t like the design or pattern of your tattoo anymore.

Tattoo Cover Up

At Skin Renew, we see two kinds of clients – people that want to rid their skin of their tattoo completely or simply fade it for a “cover-up”. For a lot of people, the love of tattoos remains strong even if they do not like the original design they chose many years ago. Being able to make changes to an existing design or performing a tattoo cover up on a poorly done original is an ever more popular ask from our clientele.

Depending on the type of tattoo you have, your tattoo artist may suggest you get it lightened up instead of simply drowning out the original tattoo with more ink.  Most artists prefer working with as few restrictions as possible.  It’s much easier, as an artist can attest, to start with a clean (or, in this case, cleaner) slate. It is far easier to cover-up a lightened tattoo than a dark, old one. The artwork seen in our feature image was created by Laura Black at Firefly Tattoo Collective here in Indianapolis. For tattoo cover-ups or any tattoo artwork, their skills are first rate.

Laser Tattoo Removal Services

If you are looking to make a change, whether it be total removal or lightening in preparation for new art, know that it will take a few months before your skin is ready for new ink. Call 317-848-7546 (SKIN) for details.