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10 Reasons to Give the Gift of Tattoo Removal

By November 23, 2015April 12th, 2022Tattoo Removal Gifts

If your friends or loved ones have a tattoo that that they are less-than-enamored with, or one that represents a part of their life that they would sooner forget, get them something they really need this holiday season, the gift of a safe tattoo removal from Indy Skin Renew!

Here are Skin Renew’s TOP 10 reasons to get your loved ones a gift of laser tattoo removal:

1.  The 1990’s called and they want their “tramp stamp” back.

2.  She said I DO, but now she doesn’t.

3.  Your brother is with Suzie now, not Sarah.

4.  Your friend’s no “regrets” tattoo is getting a lot of unwanted mockery.

5.  Speaking of “regrets”, your kids wonder who “Dave” is.

6.  Spring break + tequila = parrot tattoo.

7.  Your wife’s belly button butterfly tattoo, after 3 kids, is now a colorful blob that she wants to erase.

8.  You are “Rick Rolling” yourself every time you look at your calf.

9.  Your husband recently found out that his Chinese symbol actually means “Chicken Butt”.

10.  According to Taylor Swift, Guns N Roses are never, ever getting back together.

Laser Tattoo Removal Services

By giving the gift of tattoo removal you are helping a friend or loved one erase a bad memory or impulse decision that has negatively impacted his or her life. This is more than just helping them to remove a tattoo, you may very well be giving your friend or loved one a fresh start!